Go Peekazoo Go….

And we are off…
A lot of time and sweat but luckily no tears yet. Peekazoo was a good idea turned legitimate business in about a months time. How you ask? Well let's just say that we've both paid our dues in the garment industry and know a good thing when we see one…but better yet, we know how to launch a company in record time. The only hang up; we are both moms now to tiny mini's that deserve and demand a lot of time and love. So the balancing act begins. Lucky for us we get to see the fruits of our labor by the smiles on their faces when they wear Peekazoo.  So as we sit with our fingers crossed at our first ever trade event, images of those smiles fuel our fire and our hard work continues to pave the path. Go Peekazoo Go….


Hayley Gottlieb